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When Neo-fascism Takes World by whworbjjang1 When Neo-fascism Takes World :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 3 2 Russia Collapsed by whworbjjang1 Russia Collapsed :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 2 0 Coming soon... by whworbjjang1 Coming soon... :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 1 0 Flagmap of Hellenic State (1941-44) by whworbjjang1 Flagmap of Hellenic State (1941-44) :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 0 0 1808 World Map by whworbjjang1 1808 World Map :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 0 0 1807 World Map by whworbjjang1 1807 World Map :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 2 0 1806 World Map by whworbjjang1 1806 World Map :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 0 0 1805 World Map by whworbjjang1 1805 World Map :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 1 0 1804 World Map by whworbjjang1 1804 World Map :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 1 0 Flag of Fascist State of France by whworbjjang1 Flag of Fascist State of France :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 1 0 1803 World Map by whworbjjang1 1803 World Map :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 1 0 1802 World Map by whworbjjang1 1802 World Map :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 2 1 1801 World Map by whworbjjang1 1801 World Map :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 1 0 1800 World Map by whworbjjang1 1800 World Map :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 1 0 World War II - Axis Victory in Multilanguage by whworbjjang1 World War II - Axis Victory in Multilanguage :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 5 0 World War II - 1935 Alternate History by whworbjjang1 World War II - 1935 Alternate History :iconwhworbjjang1:whworbjjang1 2 0


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When Neo-fascism Takes World
When neo-fascism takes world?
American Fascist Empire: (American Nazi Party, far-right)
Canadian State: (Canadian Fascist Party, far-right)
Mexican Empire: (Mexican Imperialist Party, far-right)
Imperial Colombia: (no party, far-right)
Imperial Venezuela: (Imperial Falange Party, far-right)
Peruvian State: (Free Imperialist Party, right-wing to far-right)
Bolivian State: (Bolivian Nazi Party, far-right)
Chilean Empire: (Chilean National Socialist Union, far-right)
Argentine Empire: (no party, far-right)
Brasilia: (Brasilian Imperialist Action, far-right)
New British Empire: (British Neo-Fascist Union, far-right)
New French State: (National Front, far-right)
New Francoist Spain: (Neo-Falangist Party, far-right)
Neo Estado Novo: (Neo-Fascist Union of Portugal, far-right)
Benelux State: (Neo-Rexist Movement, far-right)
German Fourth Reich: (New Nazi Party, far-right)
Swiss State: (Swiss Fascist Union, far-right)
Neo-Italian Empire: (Republican Social Movement, far-right)
Austria-Hungarian Empire: (Austria-Hungarian Front, far-right)
Fascist Czechia: (Neo-Vlajka, far-right)
Slovakian Fascist Republic: (Slovakian Fascist Party, far-right)
Croatian State: (Ustaše, far-right)
Polish Empire: (Polish Front of Unity-ONR, far-right to extreme right)
Serbian State: (Serbian Front, Serbian Fascist Union - SRS-SNS-Dveri, extreme right)
Albanian State: (no party, far-right)
Greek Empire: (Golden Dawn, far-right)
Legionary State of Romania: (Greater Romania-Iron Guard, far-right)
Bulgarian State: (Attack, far-right)
Danish State: (DNNSAP, far-right)
Swedish State: (Swedish Democrats, far-right)
Finnish State: (Neo-Lapua Movement, far-right)
Norwegian State: (Norwegian Progressive Party, far-right)
Lithuania-Latvian Empire: (Neo-Fascist Alliance, far-right)
Belarussian State: (no party, far-right)
Ukrainian State: (United Right Sector, far-right)
Fascist Empire of Russia: (Russian United Fascist Party, far-right)
Neo-Ottoman Empire: (Neo-Ottoman Nationalist Movement, far-right)
Fascist Empire of Africa: (Fascist Union of Africans, far-right)
Cape Empire: (Neo-Ossewabrandwag, far-right)
Fascist Empire of China: (Chinese Imperial Party, far-right)
Japanese Empire: (Japanese Neo-Nazi Party, far-right)
Russia Collapsed
Far East Republic
Sahkalin Republic
South Siberia
Buryat Republic
Tuvan Republic
Russian Siberia
Kazakh Republic
Khorezm-Bukharan Republic
Free State of Tajikstan
Khiva Repbulic
Free Russia (Capital: Moscow)
Arkhangelsk States
Volga Republic
Russian Caucasus
Mountain Republic of Caucasus
South Mountain Republic of Caucasus
Provisional Government of Caucasus State
Provisional Government of Caucasus Socialist State
Republic of Azerbaijan 
Republic of Armenia
Republic of Georgia
Islamic Republic of Caucasus 
Republic of Kuban
Provisional Government of Donetsk Republic
Novorossiya (United East Ukraine, Crimea and Moldova of New Russia)
Ukrainian People's Republic
Republic of Ukraine
Republic of Zakarpattia
Fascist State of Ukraine
Fascist State of Belarussia
Free State of Belarus
Republic of Central Lithuania
Republic of Lithuania
Republic of Kaliningrad
United Republic of Baltics
Republic of Courland
Republic of Ingria
Republic of North Karelia
Republic of South Karelia
Free Republic of Finland
1808 World Map
Changed territories:
Qing Dynasty collapsed, Indian Empire, GKE, Russian Empire split Qing Dynasty
USA collapsed, American Republic annex USA
Iberian Mexico split into Mexican Republic and Central American Republic
Haitian Empire founded
I'm back, everyone. I'll making WWII 1933 Alternate Map.

Coming on February 12th, 2017 and I upload the 1933 Alternate Map.


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The Korean Mapper on YouTube, after dissolution of John Mapper, later anti-John Mapper invaded John Mapper today in Google+.


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